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Having been in operation for over 40 years, we have expanded our operation to include many regions in and out of Rosslyn. We understand that damp has been a major problem among many households and previously available waterproofing services have not been able to solve the problem completely. Our experience in the field coupled with the immense expertise of our professional waterproofing Rosslyn experts has provided a completely new dimension of tackling this problem.

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We are passionate in our work, and all our efforts are geared towards keeping our clients homes damp free. Our damp proofing Rosslyn contractors believe in quality work conducted with the client in mind. We, therefore, take our time to assess your damp problems and provide the best possible damp proofing solution. Whether your problem requires varying damp cure and damp treatment methods, be assured that we will offer them at affordable rates. We are well trained to handle any task, therefore, do not hesitate to share with us your roof-related problems.

Leaking roofs let in water that can cause damage to the structure of the house as well as other properties inside. Our roof waterproofing Rosslyn professionals deal with every detail pertaining the inspection, prevention and cure of damp on tiles, slates and concrete roof types. We carefully analyse a client’s problem before deciding on the most appropriate way of solving it and advise on the best maintenance, repair or roof construction methods. Afterwards, we ensure that all other procedures essential for extending your roof’s life are applied. Contact us and we will halt your roof waterproofing problems once and for all.

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