Best Waterproofers in Menlo Park

When looking for a professional waterproofer, you definitely want the best that the market has to offer. Having been in business for over 40 years, we have fully customized our services to meet the residents’ needs. The Menlo Park Waterproofing expert engineers, contractors and specialists, are familiar with every aspect in this field hence they are capable of providing any service you need while tuning it to conform to rules and regulations set by the South African Control Board.

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Roof maintenance is one of the most important factors that every home owner needs to consider. This is because a leaking roof can be an avenue for problems such a weakened roof structure and damp. If you have noticed a leak on your roof, we are the right people to contact. We will provide you with the ultimate damp solutions which include damp cure, damp treatment & damp proofing. Our waterproofing Menlo Park services are not restricted to roof repair alone, in fact, we also perform routine checks to ensure that all possibilities of leaking roofs are eliminated early.

We ply our trade across different roofs types including slate, concrete, tiles and flat roofs. We also offer appropriate waterproofing, re-roofing and roof renovation services in both residential and commercial buildings. We understand what is required in order to protect your roof from potential damage, therefore, we do our best to provide the best solution. Call our roof waterproofing in Menlo Park professionals today and get a permanent solution to your issues. Call 012 004 1835

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