Best Waterproofers in Lynnwood

As a result of being in operation for over 40 years, our waterproofing Lynnwood experts have become pioneers in the most effective damp solutions. Our highly qualified engineers have an excellent track record and are capable of providing a viable solution to your every water proofing need. We have a mission of leaving all our clients satisfied. To achieve this, we analyse their problems and provide the best solution available. This has made us an industry leader not only in solving different roofing problems, but also in satisfying clientèle requirements.

damp proofing lynnwood

Rising damp is among the most common problems facing Lynnwood residents. This issue needs a specialized expert capable of restraining further damage as well as repair the affected parts. We are specialists in damp proofing Lynnwood with the ability to carry out a wide variety of expert services such as damp cure and damp treatment among others. Depending on the effects of damp on your home, we use chemical injection methods and water-bound structures. All the methods we use to tackle roof leaks and other problems arising from damp, have been tested and proven fit by the South Africa Control Board.

We have experience on dealing with different types of roofs including tiles, slates, concrete and flat roof types. Depending on the level of roof damage caused, we may consider a roof reconstruction, roof repair, roof insulation or roof restoration. We understand the inconvenience that a leaking roof may cause on the structure of your house hence we are more than willing to provide the best waterproofing solutions. Just call 012 004 1835

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