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If you have noticed signs of a roof leak in your home, do not hesitate to contact our professional roof waterproofing in Hatfield. Most of the time, the initial roof leaks that our clients notice are not necessarily the first. This means that the roof may have leaked for quite some period before you noticed it. Therefore, the damage might be bigger than anticipated. As an industry leader with over 40 years of experience in waterproofing, we have put in place considerable strategies for solving every problem in our field of work.

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We understand that every task requires a different solving approach; therefore, our team of experts carefully analyse a problem before deciding on the most appropriate method to be used. Damp can have adverse effects not only on the structure of your house but also on the property stored inside. Our engineers and contractors know every aspect related to damp hence they are capable of providing effective solutions. Whether your home or commercial place requires damp treatment, damp cure or damp proofing to tackle problems such as damp rising, we are ready to deliver high quality results.

Whether your roof is made of concrete, tiles, slates or it is a flat roof type, our professional waterproofing service is more than capable of meeting your demands. We work quickly in order to save our clients from any problems resulting from faulty roofing. If you are in need of expert services such as roof repair, restoration, insulation and maintenance, contact us today on 012 004 1835 and we will provide the best solution.

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