Expert Waterproofing in Pretoria City Centre

You deserve a roofing contractor who knows how to complete roof and waterproofing jobs on time, on budget, and without disrupting your schedule. Luckily Pretoria City Centre residents do not have to go far to acquire the services of such a contractor. We are specialist roof waterproofing, roof repair and damp proofing company with over 3 decades worth of experience with offices everywhere in the country. We also have a fully trained and qualified staff that has made sure that our waterproofing services in Pretoria City Centre are second to none.

Waterproofing Pretoria City Centre

Damp can stem from leaking water pipes, tanks or a leaking roof. If left to continue, damp can damage your house making you incur a lot in reconstruction. No matter the extent of the damp in your house, our damp proofing Pretoria City Centre team covers any eventuality, so rest assured that we are the ultimate dump cure. We provide free roof inspection or a free consultation for waterproofing and damp-proofing services, to ensure that you are equipped with facts you need to maintain your investment and help you budget for the future.

Over time, your roof can be damaged either by excessive exposure to the sun’s heat or during prolonged periods of bad weather. Either way, we provide roof repair and construction services, so whether you have/want a flat roof, slate roof, concrete roof or balcony we are the right professionals to go to. For all you roof construction, roof repair and roof waterproofing needs, call our Pretoria City Centre team today on 012 004 1835

Damp proofing Pretoria City Centre