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Damp is one of the major problems facing Centurion residents. Damp occurs when waterproofing fails, the roof membrane wears out, and leakages occur in one or more parts of the roof. Our waterproofing Centurion experts are familiar with every aspect involved In maintenance and repair of the roofs. With over 40 years of dominance in this field, we provide the best tools and equipment to enable our specialists meet your every need. All our services are conducted in a professional manner while all the equipment and chemicals used in the processes have been tested and proven to be eco-friendly.

damp proofing centurion

With the recent climatic changes, many roofing systems are giving in to the weather. It is, therefore, commendable for you to conduct a routine check on your roofing to ensure that damp doesn’t get you unaware. Our experts are more than capable of providing appropriate maintenance methods to keep you safe no matter the weather. Our experience in damp proofing Centurion has enabled us tackle different problems and recorded good results. The damp cure methods we implement have also received positive feedback from our clients. Given our speciality in waterproofing centurion, do not hesitate to contact us for a permanent solution on damp.

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Concrete, flat, slates and tiles are some of the most common roof types in Centurion. In addition, industrial roofing types can also be found in many locations in and in the suburbs of this region. Our roof waterproofing in Centurion experts deal with a variety of waterproofing tasks on these roof types effectively to ensure that our clients do not fall victim to damp. Call us today for a fast free quotation and site inspection on 012 004 1835