Knowing the cause of Roof Damage

By Robbie Malan

Welcome to our Blog! Here we will continue to post useful information about the roofing industry and little tricks and hints that can help you to maintain a healthy roof and avoid larger repair bills later down the line. Firstly, we have prepared a graphic below that gives some helpful pointers as to what to look out for and the tell tale signs your roof might need some attention

Knowing your roofing types Infographic


The three main things to look out for and keep your roof clear of are Debris (broken tiles, cracked slate, overhanging trees etc), moss build up and dry rot formation. These 3 easy to maintain aspects will help avoid costly repair bills by not letting them get out of hand. Moss build up can cause water to seep into the timber underneath the waterproofing membrane and if left, will cause rotten timber and damp patches. Dry rot can also occur and is one of the most expensive types of damage to put right so make sure that the roof is properly ventilated at all times to avoid this.

The obvious benefits of having your roof adequately waterproofed is so that you prolong the life of the roof structure, provide a safe environment for you and your family and to also preserve the value of your property. We can help in all aspects of roofing so give us a call if you need assistance of any kind

Posted by: Robbie Malan

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